An Interview with Dessi

1. Why am I engaged with the mentorship of female entrepreneurs?

Hello! To answer this question, I tell you my personal story in its true form.
I was 24 years old when I started my own business adventurously without loans in the bank and with no customers, site and described services. It was August, 2008. I had no idea where to begin, and there wasn’t so much information to read or get advice on how to start my business. The registration came out and I sat down at the empty table at home and thought about what to do to win clients in the face of the on-going crisis.
For the first 6 months, I made a big turnover boom and earned 60 BGN. I decided to give myself another 6 months time and spend less than my savings. They also passed and I started to cope with my living costs. In the crisis, most companies have decided to cut budgets but they still wanted more value for less money, and these were tough times.
The reason I created my company is because I wanted to train people on how to present different products and services and this became the last choice of customers during the first year of creation due to the market situation. The situation I came across helped me to see and try different working solutions that led to success in the coming years. In 2016 and 2017, we made Capital’s charts for one of the largest BTL market agencies and events.
It was the proof that we were on the right track. No principle of work has been copied, but has been created, tested, and succeeded. Following the success I have achieved, I decided that I can now afford to learn from the experience of consultants, international organizations and practices. When I went through different trainings, I found out that when I met a woman who had set up her own business and was in the beginning, I needed to help her not to go through my first two years and the next three difficult ones but to assist with tips on entering the world of entrepreneurship and that’s what brings me true satisfaction.
Now I run the Alternative Advertising Agency, where I have the pleasure of working with people I first and foremost respect, and then inspire. After so many years, I discovered the secret of the balance between personal and professional happiness. I manage to spend time in nature, going around exotic countries, drawing for pleasure, writing stories, spending time on the extreme activities I adore, and last but not least, learning new things every day.

2. What kind of people are you working with?

I work with female entrepreneurs… Once again, I provide the account details.
I work with women like you, who have a business idea, who are now starting or having started a business. You are an ambitious woman who wants to do what she loves. You want every day to wake up inspired by the things you do, strive to develop. You know different people, you go to different places. If you answer to most of these points with a “YES”, what I can do to help you is teach you how to deal faster with reaching your dream. I am able to give you a system of ways to deal with all the things that you want to do in business as quickly and efficiently as possible and at the same time not to lose your image as a real woman.
I have worked with women in various business spheres and leadership positions but where I can be most useful is for women who start up alone or have started, because over the years I’ve built up working practices… in search of balance between personal time, business dedication, family and everything I’ve dreamed of. Mistakes helped me to get to that model I want to give to women like you. The most satisfying feeling is to do what you want and you like while having free time and being successful.

3. What distinguishes you from the other consultants?

What distinguishes me from the other mentors is that I have been successful in my own business for 10 years, which has been recognized in Bulgaria. Unlike most business consultants, my focus is all about achieving a balance between business and personal life. For this purpose, I have been trained by some of the best personal and business development consultants. What I do is analyze good practices, align them through the situation of the market, position of the female perspective and my personal entrepreneurial experience so that I can maximize efficiency. It consists of a winning combination of successful business and personal happiness. Developing my skills and tricks to balance has given me the confidence and enthusiasm to share what I have learned also to help other women build this for themselves by giving them more confidence and strength to achieve even better results.

4. What is expected of me?

You are required to want to strike a balance between personal and professional development and apply the things we discuss at our meetings. Then, take consistent actions to build on the learning that will continue as a habit after we stop meeting. The best results are achieved with ladies who follow the principles set up during the meetings, adapted for themselves and who are ready to go out of their comfort zone to be the best version of themselves. Everyday efforts lead to long-term results, and therefore I am keeping you responsible for observing the exercises and things that we have discussed as actions.

5. Who are NOT your programs for?

I don’t work with just anybody. I am a female entrepreneur myself, and my desire is to assist and work with female entrepreneurs. I choose only those women who are ready to get out of their comfort zone despite their fears in order to achieve confidence and efficiency because their achievements are my satisfaction. To the rest, I recommend other colleagues or specialists. In case there is a better mentor in your business line, I will recommend it to you.

6. What exactly does your mentoring approach mean?

In my mentoring programs, my approach is focused on building your personal pillar of success for 1 or 2 years, in which you gain confidence and technique to balance the busy everyday life, business tasks and feminine beauty and personality. The approach is adapted to each lady’s personality, but in general it deals with the following components:

  • Shaping a clear focus on the desired outcome and building a personal ladder of success with a description of each step with the corresponding timeframe;
  • Building confidence and self-esteem by overcoming all internal objections and fears of failure or rejection;
  • Learn about concrete strategies and steps in building the identity of the brand you create or have created, and yourself as the person who represents it;
  • Together with you, we build the steps and strategies of setting up the company, hiring the first permanent employees, keeping them and establishing your company on the market;
  • We create your personal balance program and a combination of how to take care of yourself and at the same time how to manage a successful business and team;
  • I will help you by providing working practices;
  • I will help you build synergy between non-verbal communication through vision and holding and verbal communication.

7. Will we achieve the results of our joint work if we work together?

Yes, the women I have helped or help have shared a detailed opinion. You can see here the opinions of some of them or call them for further questions.

8. How fast can I expect results?

The time you get results depends on several factors. First, I need to get acquainted with the specifics of your business, and then with yourself and the dynamics, you apply in your work. By following a systematic approach, I can promise you that results will come and you will see more clearly the overall picture of your business that will become more familiar, more distinctive, more successful, more delegating, so to be able to afford a long vacation without your personal presence. I believe that you can certainly achieve everything by yourself, but I am also convinced that faster and more effective results happen when solutions are discussed and found together.

9. I want to work with you, Desi. What are the options I have? If we decide to work together, what are your programs?

Congratulations that you have decided to work for balance. I’m glad to be on your path, together with you. There are a few options from which you can choose the best suited for you and then you can upgrade from one of the following.

10. Ok, I know which program I want. How to start?

Congratulations on wanting to take steps to achieve a balance between business and personal development. In order to get started, the process begins with 5 key questions and then an individual consultation of 30 minutes by phone or live. I personally prefer my live meetings.
One of the hallmarks of successful business ladies is a combination of personal life and business development that lead to satisfaction. From what I have read and studied, the people who make the decision to learn from successful examples and practices are the ones who succeed. So if you feel that working with me will bring you the desired result, I’m waiting for you.
Send your email to our office and get a call as well as detailed email information.

11. I’m not ready to start, how can I see the things you do, though

12. Аз все още имам въпроси, мога ли да се обадя?

Да, можеш като моля да напишеш твоя предпочитам ден и час на офис имейла и аз ще ти отговоря за моята възможност, за да може вниманието ми изцяло да е фокусирано към нашия разговор и да планирам времето си.

13. Как мога да получа добри работещи практики за успешно Женско предприемачество?

Ако си готова можеш да избереш някоя от моите менторски програми, за които говорих по-горе. Второ, ако нямаш още готовност да работим индивидуално, но искаш да получиш полезна информация по темата и работещи практики, можеш да се абонираш за Работещи практики за успешна бизнес дама. Най-последно можеш да следиш и безплатната информация, която публикувам.