From A Child To A Female Entrepreneur

My name is Desislava Avdzhieva. I’m glad to meet you. My life so far is stretched somewhere between my native town Veliko Tarnovo, the beloved Varna, the bubbling Sofia, the creative Plovdiv, and for the last several years between Bulgaria and some exotic destinations.

Every city is a sign. In Sofia, I graduated, I found my work in Plovdiv with inspiration and creativity, communication and beloved friends I found in Varna; and in Veliko Tarnovo – the home-fortress that inspires me.

Ever since I was a child, I had а variety of interests, some of which were flying and writing stories. My life turned subsequently into a flight.
One of my most vivid childhood memories is one my first flights to Varna with my parents. Fascinated by flying, the dream of becoming a stewardess and a pilot was born.

Years later, I was filmed in an Italian movie as a stewardess. Guided by one of my distinctive features, I often dare to do what I fear the most. I went to the airport and with childish naivety, with a vision of a 50s movie, I asked how to become a flying attendant.

Naturally, I received a bunch of smiles, but not an answer. I started off with the idea that something would happen so I could succeed someday in spite of the lack of money and contacts. It happened two years later

when I won a competition and funding to realize my dream. Years passed and my dream flight took another direction…

The destination was Sofia, the year was 2008, and the purpose was to build my own advertising agency: “Alternative Advertising”, which I manage on my own.
For the last Dessie-cade, I went through so many challenges as a female entrepreneur, in Bulgaria, that it would be difficult to list them in a short biography like this one.
My work went outside the country and I went to Lisbon, where we organized a business event called “Business Storm Portugal”. Along with the co-organizer of the event, I am also a co-founder of the innovative Business Storm brand that connects businesses and mentors from around the world and gathers them in round tables and events in different countries.

Over the years, I have realized in the complete sense the credibility of never knowing what we are capable of until we are faced with difficulties and situations where our goal seems to be impossible.

My job is characterized by my sincere desire and satisfaction to make the people with who I work happy with the results achieved and inspired for new challenges.
Over the last ten years, I have realized that business is actually a reflection of ourselves, and our principles are the principles of the team we work with, and this leads to a unique handwriting of every business embodied by its creator.

This year I realized that I needed to dedicate time to handover and shared my experience to contribute to the success of other businesses.

After a long working experience in the field of BTL (all in the field of advertising that can be realized without media means of communication), financial management and management; Public Relations (PR); Marketing and Brand Management, I decided that I would be useful to other women in business terms so that their 10 years of development could be a maximum of 5 and for that reason I decided to start my project for mentoring of female entrepreneurs with my own business.

Today I say that I am full of ideas and their leading motif is the development of the potential everyone brings with a reasonable work and a business strategy. So the people I work with are the ones who have already reached the same level of awareness.

Of all the years of work, the cost of support and the exchange of knowledge are familiar to me in depth. On my site here, I share the truths about female entrepreneurship, tips, recommendations, useful information and I assist with mentoring ladies who already have their own business to believe in themselves.

Life is changing and transforming so fast these days. We need knowledge, skills and ways to work.
Silent but confident leaders are needed to guide the change flexibly and be able to enthuse others. The motto of this project is: work with inspiration, not with by an obligation.
“If you want to reduce the time of growth in the path of female entrepreneurship, for which a set of male and female power is required, I will be happy to be part of your steep path!”